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Info Box

Easily duplicate this info box! Click in here, go to Table - Select - Table, then Copy and Paste.

Editing the Embedded Flash Text

You may edit the text for the two taglines, and you may also change the position of the taglines! There are six variables: tagline1 and tagline2 will change the text, and tagline1x, tagline1y, tagline2x, and tagline2y control where the text will be displayed.

The movie is 700 pixels wide and 93 pixels high. x=0 and y=0 is in the upper left-hand corner. Experiment by changing the x and y values to see where you want your text to be placed.

bulletIn Page View, click on the Flash Movie object to select it.
bulletGo to HTML view. The HTML code for the Flash Movie object should be highlighted.
bulletYou will need to change the code in two areas:
bullet<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="top.swf?tagline1x=50&tagline1y=15 &tagline2x=100&tagline2y=30&tagline1=Your tagline here&tagline2=Another tagline here">
bullet<EMBED src="top.swf?tagline1x=50&tagline1y=15 &tagline2x=100&tagline2y=30&tagline1=Your tagline here&tagline2=Another tagline here" . . .>
bulletBe sure not to change anything else. The text area is limited, so test it out and see what works.